How to Use Especially For Baby Bottle Warmers Model Number 26166B?

How to use especially for baby bottle warmers model number 26166B? Trivial query shouldn’t bother you; this post gives the gist of the process in a simple way.

Step-by-step Process of Warming the Bottle

  • Plug in the cord to a wall outlet and keep the bottle warmer on an even surface. Once you have plugged in, you can see the green light on front view. There is a water chamber situated in the centre of the bottle warmer, where you can see a bottle basket. Make sure you pick it up and pull the adapter ring present inside i.e. just in the perimeter of the water chamber.
  • With the measuring cup provided in the front of the warmer, fill the chamber of the bottle warmer with required amount of water that is directly proportionate to the size of the bottle.
  • Now, just insert the bottle or the food jar inside the bottle basket. Place back the adapter ring over the bottle and snap the ring into the water chamber opening. The well secured bottle amidst the water chamber is ready for heating that takes place evenly due to this setup.
  • Just click the on the button and the process of warming starts with a glowing red light indicator. Once the warming cycle is complete, the light turns greens. Meanwhile, you can hear 5 alerts during the cycle.
  • You can take the ready bottle from the bottle basket and wait for a minute before feeding the baby. Check the temperature by testing it first before feeding.
  • The unit switches off automatically when you take out the bottle; but still, to be on the safer side, unplug the unit and empty the water chamber.

The query in the first section of the post- ‘How to use especially for baby bottle warmers model number 26166B?’ is thus solved here.