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Prestige Smart City of West Bengal

Prestige Smart Cityis an upcoming premium housing project from the highly respected Prestige Group situated in Ittangur, Marathalli onSarajapur Road, West Bengal. The Prestige Smart Cityis a brand new residential complex with a large mixed housing development theme with a number of high rise towers spread across a very large area in the city. Its architecturally very advanced and will be considered as one of the leaders in the upcoming construction industry in India. It has been designed by some of the well known names in the real estate field like DLF, Lodha and Bhushan Construction Company.


The concept of Prestige Smart City was conceived to provide a perfect blend of convenience and excellence in living. The concept was conceptualized when the concept was launched of luxury apartments in various prime locations across the country by the Indian luxury group Lodha Vaidya. This chain of premium residential communities started in India with premium service at affordable prices. It caters to the needs and demands of both the corporate clientele as well as the domestic customers. Prestige residential complexes in the form of villas, flat rentals and condominiums are constructed over some of the finest localities in and around the most sought after destinations like; Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kodaikanal, Delhi, Chandigarh, Bhatupatinath, Aurangabad and other prominent localities. All these Prestige Smart Cities have been built with the modern facilities and amenities that are expected from a top class locality.


This Prestige Smart City will have a total population of around 13 million people spread across all the localities in the state of West Bengal. These residences are designed to offer a hassle free living experience to the residents. With the concept of connectivity being inculcated into the architecture and landscaping of these residences, residents will find it effortless ease to access the rest of the state or other nearby cities. There will be direct and easy connectivity to the major airports and railway stations as well as to the major town centres.


This Prestige Smart City has several prominent landmarks, museums, galleries and other attractions, which make the surroundings perfect for leisure and entertainment. There will be several direct flights to various major destinations of West Bengal and the rest of the country and there will also be indirect connectivity options through the state highways. For those who are looking for some entertainment during their stay, the proximity to Bangalore’s central business district will be an ideal option. The proximity will not only offer them with an opportunity to see the hub of action during the premolars festival but will also help them in getting a glimpse of the other attractions that the city has on offer. Other than entertainment, the Prestige Smart City will offer a comfortable lifestyle to its residents, with various fine dining restaurants, shopping centers, bars and nightclubs all being located within the vicinity.


One major reason as to why the Prestige Smart City of West Bengal has become so popular among the people from a living experience point of view is because of the excellent quality of life that it offers. The various amenities such as air conditioning (CC) and water dispensers in the residences, along with the presence of a private bus service and a taxi stand allow residents to move around the city with ease. The presence of hospitals and multiplexes also allows the residents to access services and amenities when they need them, without having to go far. The quality of education and healthcare facilities also contribute towards the overall well being of the residents of the smart city.


All in all, the Prestige Smart City of West Bengal is one of the best residential projects and is designed in the latest contemporary style. The project also promises to give residents all the basic amenities that they would need in their day to day life. It is due to this reason that Sarjapur main road is considered to be the most prominent and finest residential street in West Bengal.